Concentrating on corporate law, advocacy, campaign finance, and election law.

We represent national clientele in Corporate Business Law & Governance, Non-Profit Organizations, Political Law & Litigation, Campaign Finance & Election Law, Lobbying & Governmental Ethics.

The Capital Law Group concentrates on advocacy, campaign finance and election law, including Leadership and Super PACs, nonprofit Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) charities, (c)(4) advocacy groups, (c)(5) labor unions, (c)(6) trade associations, and 527 political committees, corporate formation, operation, and compliance.



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Areas of Practice


Corporate Law & Governance

We counsel public and private companies on all aspects of corporate governance and help clients form and structure partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. We negotiate mergers, divestures, and acquisitions for companies as well as strategic alliances, joint ventures, and other business combinations.

Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Law

When you wish to engage in public advocacy, we work with you to determine what is the most efficient and flexible entity to achieve your goals, while complying with a complex legal and regulatory environment.

Political Law

  • Campaign Finance and Election Law
  • Campaign Consulting, Election Contests and Recounts
  • Enforcement Proceedings and Investigations
  • Litigation
  • Lobbying and Government Ethics
  • Political Compliance and Reporting Service