The Capital Law Group concentrates on advocacy, campaign finance and election law, including Leadership and Super PACs, nonprofit Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) charities, (c)(4) advocacy groups, (c)(5) labor unions, (c)(6) trade associations, and 527 political committees, corporate formation, operation, and compliance.

When you wish to engage in public advocacy, we work with you to determine what is the most efficient and flexible entity to achieve your goals, while complying with a complex legal and regulatory environment. We provide guidance to your nonprofit officers and directors regarding corporate governance issues, draft bylaws, articles of incorporation, conflict of interest policies, and assisting with other corporate formalities.

We can advise you on matters regarding the formation of tax-exempt entities, application for recognition of tax-exempt status, corporate governance, and political activity compliance with the Federal Election Commission, Internal Revenue Service, state election boards, federal and state lobbying rules. Our services include advising and counseling you regarding registration of nonprofit organizations to conduct issue advocacy campaigns, legislative lobbying, voter registration and get out the vote efforts.

Additionally, we provide state charities registration and compliance services to charities, fundraising disclosure requirements and professional solicitors.