Russian Digital Ads and Advertising Disclosure

In the aftermath of allegations surrounding Russian digital electoral activity and explosion of digital political advertising, North Carolina seems poised to enact disclosure of digital advertising by including electronic advertisements in an updated definition of “electioneering communications.”

HB 1065      Digital Communications in Elections is being heard in the House Elections Committee, Tuesday, June 12, 2018, at 2:00 pm in LOB Room 643

§ 163A-1476. Basic disclosure requirements for all political advertisements

(4) In a digital communication advertisement covered by subsection (a) of this section, the disclosure statement shall appear in letters at least as large as the majority of the text in the communication and have a reasonable degree of color contrast between the background and the disclosure statement. If the digital communication is disseminated through a medium in which the provision of the disclosure statement is not possible, the communication shall, in a clear and conspicuous manner, include the following:

a. The name of the person who paid for the communication.

b. A means for the recipient of the communication to obtain the remainder of the information required by this section with minimal effort and without receiving or viewing any additional material other than the disclosure statement.

This act becomes effective January 1, 2019, and applies to elections conducted on or after that date.